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Rip-offs (electronic/rock/dubstep)13

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@tohellwith!! thank you so much! i noticed that you're just about as eclectic as i am, if not more! i feel like i alienate people that way, but i love putting seemingly conflicting genres side-by-side and creating something completely different.
with the SOAD, i was a little hesitant, but omg, the beginning of that track is pretty great. and i do like the rest of the song as well. i've been meaning to put pavement and system of a down on a mix for awhile now. i thought that combo might work.
i wonder if i got King Khan from you actually... oops, sorry :(
and yes, love the descendents! :)

Fuck yeah King Khan...included him in my latest mix as well. Went to see him and BBQ live a few years ago, absolutely insane.

You are one of the few people among those I follow that are not afraid of heavily eclectic mixes...just like myself. Loving this!