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Overwatch: The Musical


one musical number for every hero cause i can't stop myself!!

1. Tracer
2. Widowmaker
3. Lucio
4. Soldier 76
5. Genji
6. Hanzo
7. Genji AND Hanzo
8. McCree
9. Reaper
10. Zarya
11. Winston
12. Pharah
13. Ana
14. Bastion
15. D.Va
16. Symmetra
17. Junkrat and Roadhog
18. Mei
19. Mercy
20. The more realistic Mercy
21. Torbjorn
22. Reinhardt
23. Zenyatta

23 tracks
6 comments on Overwatch: The Musical

So I love your choices but you're missing Sombra and I think no me diga from in the heights would be perfect. I kinda love her that's all haha. This was great though :)

I read the list wrong at first no thought that "Anything you can do" was for symmetra, and thought this was supposed to be lucio and symmetra haha. But this is an absolutely perfect playlist, they fit each one so well! Thanks for making this :D

This is really good!! It's a really like the mix: But I am not located in America and therefore use the international version of 8tracks, so I don't get to see the notes added to the songs, could you maybe write in the comments in wich order the characters songs are so that we non Americans can identify it eaysier, Thank you ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ