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(a summer mix of songs ranging from rap to pop to indie rock, all by black and brown girls)

(now with the extended ***flawless remix including nicki minaj and chimamanda ngozi adichie because wow)

tracklist at: http://hauntedfountains.tumblr.com/post/89615799582/a-summer-variety-mix-by-women-of-color-listen

14 tracks
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this is such an kickass playlist! i especially loved the V V Brown song and–DAMN!–the Maluca song got me shaking my ass while i was prepping food in the kitchen. definitely playing this tomorrow while i'm waking up!


aaaaahhhh thanks so much!!!! i know the reply is super duper late (hehe whoops) but i'm so glad you enjoyed it! (i'm glad you really liked the v v brown and the maluca song, they dont get near enough love)