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≒ C l o s e r ≓


16 downtempo electronic beats for low-light moments.

Your breathe draws closer | covers horizon’s skies | graceful touchlines.

Dusk makes hair shimmer | wrapped ever still | reversed sunrise.

Your thoughts far over | spans distance | smoothly flies | curved line still glides.

Seeks love’s thin slivers | bound closely ‘till | found in your eyes.

Includes Andrea | Sekuoia | Zuper

16 tracks
8 comments on ≒ C l o s e r ≓

And hear I am all caught up on my feed- what to do? Head over to that algorithmic home page you corporate sluts created... I guess! or maybe I'll pop over to Pandora?

I really love this neo glitch soul thing going on in the music world today. Boogrov, Chet Facker, Matthewdavid, Molvok...

@Btrxz Same! I'm really drawn to their blends - it's fascinating that you can hear them borrow certain elements from other artists/genres and combine them in new ways.

@AWakingDream yea! it a movement I am happy with right now. Like witch house from a 1/2 a decade ago. Be interesting to see what becomes of it. Will it bubble up to the pop lkie trap and dubstep did? we shall see...