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Cruel & Sexy


A Woman - magical, razor sharp, looks like a devil. Knows how to keep you hooked, keeps you on your knees and makes you beg.

Cant live with her, can't live a guitar, flowing, sexy.

18 songs by BB King, Eric Clapton, Walter Trout and others.

PS : Will urge you to check the youtube links of the songs (live performances) if you want your hair to stand for the added effect :)

18 tracks
8 comments on Cruel & Sexy

Dude, your above playlist has been my favt since a month, i listen to it almost everyday...and that's how i got to know Jesse Johnson...had left a comment also... :)

I don't see your comment, but glad you like Jesse Johnson
You have great taste in the blues and I'm a big fan of prince too
We should collaborate on a blues mix and make it #1 on 8tracks lol

Blues is the real shit, guess its raw and heart felt, possibly because of its origins..the fact that its so steeped in emotion makes it so mesmerizing...
We could collaborate dude, i would love to...