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i just wanted to be stronger.


a story of a robot looking for a heart, some answers, and simply, some friends.

a mix for my luv konoha because where the fuck are the konoha mixes on here honestly

cover art: trashout

  • Miku-tan (english) by Thoughtful Zombie
    hollow and blank, is that the message?
  • Help I'm Alive by Metric
    help i'm alive, my body keeps beating like a hammer. hard to be strong, tough to be tender.
  • Persona Robot by Kashitaro Ito
    this is the story of a robot looking for a heart.
  • Blue Lips AUDIO EDITED by Regina Spektor
    he took a step and then felt tired, he said i'll rest a little while. but when he tried to walk again, he wasn't a child.
  • [ENG] Donut Hole { Ballad } by Jayn
  • El Manana(original) copy by Gorillaz
    i saw that day, lost my mind.
  • Ghost by Mystery Skulls
    'cause the world might do me in, it's alright 'cause i'm with friends.
  • IA and Miku Hatsune by Konoha no Sekai Jijou
    the meanings and dreams and lives amassed together that went into this body seems like a machine that's jostling an ended life back up. (this is a story about his past).
8 tracks
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