on September 23, 2016

There are hundreds of thousands of "chill" playlists on 8tracks. You could relax for the rest of your life and never run out of music geared specifically towards enhancing your relaxation. But "chill" covers such broad categories of music, and invites any number of relaxing scenarios, that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to find which one is right for each scenario. In that spirit we've decided to illustrate some situations for some of our favorite chill playlists:


It's one of those days where you woke up earlier than you had to but you still got plenty of sleep and it's just cold enough outside and just warm enough inside this coffee shop and you're sitting down with a warm beverage. Yeah you have a lot of stuff to do today but you're on top of everything and maybe even ahead of the game and you sit back and sip knowing that it's all smooth sailing from here and you've totally got this.


You're in a smoky night club, which is kind of off-putting in a "second-hand smoke is bad for you" kind of way and yeah you're kind of confused because you're not really allowed to smoke indoors anymore so where is all this smoke coming from anyway? But it's really pleasant at the same time because it gives the whole place the feeling of being in the past or in a dream and you just roll with it and feel the warmth of memory washing over you and overall have a very nice time.


This one's for when you and Artemis, your star cat, the only one who never let you down, are taking a breather in your swanky new home on a space station enjoying a nice beverage to celebrate solving simulated gravity so you don't have to squeeze your food out of a toothpaste tube or whatever people did in space before you came along. You throw this playlist on and reminisce about Earth and remember it fondly but also remember you made the right call making a new intergalactic life for yourself and everything is great.


We would never encourage you to do drugs.


You just got done with a big test and you need to take some time for yourself so you travel into the woods to see what fairies are up to. And yeah you know that fairies (probably) don't exist but it's nice sometimes to walk around and think about how nice fairies would be to you if they did and you find a nice place to sit and listen to this playlist and read a book (perhaps a book about fairies) and feel your cares flutter away like some kind of fantastical humanoid sprite kind of creature.

These are just 5 of an infinite variety of ways that 8tracks can help you chill, some friendly suggestions to get you started. Looking for something more specific to your situation? Check out some of our other offerings below.

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