on November 29, 2016

How did we discover instrumental music? Were people singing around the campfire as usual, when everyone stopped to take a breath at the same time and collectively noticed “oh hey, the drums actually sound pretty good by themselves. Let’s make more instruments to see how far we can take this."

Fast-forward a bunch of years, and here we are: thousands of fascinating instruments played by millions around the world every day. And yeah, we know choir instructors say the voice is technically an instrument, but for now let’s focus on the beauty of music without words.

A few reasons why instrumental music like this is a good thing:

-Helps you concentrate and (hopefully) survive exams.

-Gives a voice to those of us who can’t sing as well as Billie Holiday or Sam Cooke.

-Makes displays of virtuosity like this a thing.

-Massages and yoga are better with it, we promise.

-There’s literally over 35,000 playlists of it right here on 8tracks.

Here's a tiny sample of some our favorites:

To explore the entire world of instrumental music, we recommend going here and adding one of your favorite moods, instruments or artists. For example: