on June 28, 2017

Did you know that there are around 150,000 individual playlists of happy music on 8tracks?

Yeah, yeah, we know – seems fake, right? Like c’mon, what’s everybody so happy about anyway? Isn’t the modern world just some dystopian nightmare wrought into reality before our very eyes?

Ever the skeptics, we put our crack team of mood-mapping musicologists on the job to flush out the fakers and prove once and for all that life is crap. Aaaaaand it turns out we were wrong (again). According to the impossibly optimistic DJs responsible for making these fine mixes, there’s plenty to be happy about:

late nights, summer, warm weather, beach days, friends, spontaneous road trips (we may have mentioned a few of these in previous missives), dance battles, shower concerts, singalongs in the car (starting to sense a theme here), mornings, relaxing, vacation, tropical advenures, letting go...okay, we’ll spare you. You get the point. Everything is awesome! Whatever.

No but seriously, life ain’t all that bad. And on the off chance you need to be further convinced, have a listen to any one of the delightful treats you find below: