on November 15, 2017

We were out for a casual stroll around the internet the other day and happened to click on a link that landed us directly on a list of deaths in rock and roll.

Somewhat taken aback at first, we couldn’t resist the urge to scroll down the page in search of familiar names. (Why do we do this to ourselves?) As you might imagine, we were quickly overwhelmed with nostalgia and left feeling pretty bummed out by the collective loss.

A few boxes of tissues later, we regained our composure and resolved to look for a silver lining. And when you stop to consider the legacy of a professional musician, it’s really not difficult to find a reason to smile. In fact, there are millions of them right here on 8tracks.

And so, on this day and every other, we celebrate the true spirit of rock and roll and all those who keep rocking beyond the grave!

Graveyard Rock

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