on May 01, 2017

Whether you’re a current student, sweating your way through the final days and weeks of the school year, or just barely remember those dear ol’ golden rule days, each one of us inevitably marches to the beat of the scholastic calendar so deeply ingrained in our souls. And it’s about this time of year that we all start tingling in anticipation of what’s to come.

Spring break is already receding in the rearview mirror, and summer vacation looms just over the horizon. We’re almost there, but an ominous cloud hangs over this stretch of highway. Even for those of us who haven’t been in a classroom for a decade, the mere mention of the word finals sends a chill down the spine.

But fear not, 8tracks is here to help!

Need to hit the books? Hit play first.

Maybe you just need to unwind before that big exam. We’ve got you covered there too.

Looking for a little motivation to get you through the next few weeks? Here ya go!

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