on November 28, 2017

We kinda thought this whole Stranger Things phenomenon would quietly blow over after a while, but if recent activity on 8tracks is any indication, we were dead wrong about that. Seriously, just look how many fanmixes have been dedicated to the show already! And new ones pop up every, single, day.

Don’t get us wrong – we’re big fans ourselves, but we can’t help wondering what it is about this creation in particular that lends itself so well to personalized musical dedications. Is it the show’s excellent soundtrack? A worldwide fascination with 80s-era aesthetics? Eleven’s commanding powers secretly drawing us in?

Whatever the strange formula is, our retro synth-soaked ears couldn’t be happier. If you haven’t had your dose yet, here’s one of our personal favs to start your binge session off with:

something's coming

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