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For Those Below

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hey which last marauder are you talking bout? the one bout lupin?
Generally never read fanfiction but i like the title. so thought ill give it a shot. If possible please link.
And brilliant mix.

Yup, it's about Lupin! There's no specific fic to go with this playlist so I can't really help you there but "The Life and Times" by Jewels5 is what really got me into the Marauder Era so you could give that one a try. And thank you so much!

Love your mixes. Big fan of potter and tlos. Big Big potter fan. Ended up reading a fanfiction called the last marauder. My first foray into the whole fanfiction thing. Dnt think im gonna try it again.
But yeah lupin is the last maruder huh.

Love this mix. Can listen to it on repeat. Big fan of Details in the shadow and your the first person i know to have used it in a mix. :)))