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Instrumental musings


Everyone needs music to calm and sooth the mind. Be it for study, introspective contemplation or daydreams, there is something about the simplicity yet intricacy of instrumental music that eases the nerves. This playlist will be perfect for all those who want to be able to think for themselves without the infiltration of lyrics.

To add to the atmospheric and calming experience try whilst listening to the playlist.

Enjoy :)

15 tracks
7 comments on Instrumental musings

I have a ridiculous amount of writing to get through in the next week and this has helped me dial in my thoughts and focus - and feel inspired in the process! thanks for this!

This playlist is perfect, don't know how to describe how beautiful it is. I especially love Julianna Barwick's One Half! That was really a masterpiece. Thank you for making this!

@Maironeeeee Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind words! Julianna Barwick is exceptional, so I'm really happy you enjoyed her work! Thanks for listening! :)