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Halloween Spooktacular-a-Go-Go!


SEE!Stereo tracks mutilated to MONO!!!(for that fresh from the drive-in speaker goodness)
HEAR!More songs about werewolves than you knew existed!!!
Spooky tunes (50s - 80s) mixed with sound bites from horror movies, drive-in theater ads and vintage horror shows.

18 tracks
1 comment on Halloween Spooktacular-a-Go-Go!

This is such an awesome and authentic halloween mix. Love the whole concept and how much effort you put into this. And I'm quite surprised how many werewolf songs are out there ;D

@extreme dinosaur Aww, thanks so much, that means a lot! I'm pretty proud of it lol, and it was a labor of love. And there really are SO MANY WEREWOLF SONGS [o_o]