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Someday, I Will Set This Right


Some of the best music I have ever heard (instrumentals). I had to add one more, extra, song to it so that I could share it with you guys. 8tracks has completely ruined it, so I apologize. :(

8 tracks
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hey im not sure if you know but this playlist is broken rn? it would be really cool if you could fix it bc its awesome

@zovintheair It is?! Thank you so much for pointing it out to me. I'll definitely start fixing it soon. I'm glad you like it even if it does need some work. <3

@zovintheair I tried my best to fix it the way I wanted, but 8tracks wasn't taking the tracks I tried to upload and they got rid of 95% of the other songs I had on the mix. I am so sorry this happened. I'm sure there are other, better Kingdom Hearts mixes that you could listen to instead? I'll gladly recommend some if you need me to.

@britishotakugamer thanks for trying anyway, and yeah there are some other really good kh playlists our there but yours is my favorite so far ;)