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2000 Light Years Away


there's a certain kinda loneliness in knowing i will spend the next 6 months missing you. long distance was never what anyone wanted; but you've got this mixtape and my sad little texts wishing you were here with me. maybe ohio has some potential, but without you it sucks. leaving is inevitable, but i'll be back soon. and we'll spend our weekends snuggled up watching lotr and eating mac and cheese again. and we'll make out again, and there will be touching and whispering and dirty jokes and giggling again. don't be too sad. i just want you to be okay, or at least just better than i will be. and i love you, like way too much, like to pluto and back. and i'll miss you more than i've ever missed anyone before. just please don't be too sad, i'll be back soon, i promise.

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