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Btrxz's Jean P. Snail Dreamed Of The Ghetto (An Existential Threat) #200

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Jean P. Snail Dreamed Of The Ghetto (An Existential Threat)
This is a Mixtale I’ve been working on since June 2009(it my 200th mix on 8trxz). I am not sure where it came from or where it goes. What I do know is that its a story like Superman made tragic and that it speaks to humanity and what we are and face as sentient being. The story (below) is supplement to the music and lyrics, which give deeper context to what is trying to be said. The words in quotations are titles of the songs used and the initials (“G” is Guriel & “J” is for Jean P. Snail) after each song tells who is singing or is being described through the music/song in the mixtale.
I hope you enjoy
sit back relax and enjoy the show

The End Is The Beginning: Act One
Unconscious where the Murians to the fact that they where but, “Space Fertilizer”(G) for the galactic egg that they called their home planet. Until that fateful day their planet cracked open giving life to the “Crumb: Black Angels - 1. Departure”(G) was the end of life for the Muri beings. As the Crumb spreads it devastation only one Murian named Guriel survived. As small as cosmic dust she floats through space wondering why “Everything Happens To Me”(G). Fleeing the carnage of her planet death she fell up into the “Ninkon Loops”(G) transporting her to another dimension. Bemused and bewildered in the vapor trail of the “Chasing Ticking Crocodile”(G) space weather system. Guriel begins “The World Is Falling”(G) dream, beginning her transformation into a caporal body.

I Am A Snail-Jean P. Snail: Act Two

Jean P. Snail awoke from an early spring slumber with “An Ecumenical Matter”(J) on his mind? Jean P. Snail not quit sure what that all means stared deep into his lush blue and green space while “Some Strange Rain”(J) fell and tickled him electric as its rivered down his shell. As he meandered with a unprecedented vigor (for a snail that is). He finally rested where the “Willow Trees Bend”(J). It was here that he learns the fate that Guriel and he are to endure. Facing the “City Of Motors”(G&J) and the transformation that needs to take place to save his world from the ghost walker Crumb.

Jean P. Snail Grows A Consciousness And Does Battle: Act Three

As the strange rain soaks into Jean P. Snail’s skin he begins the transformation into a sentient being and the first base emotions of sex grip him leaving him “Starstrukk”(J). The initial overwhelming sex drive grows. He now knows he must “Stick”(J) it though and listen to Guriel’s mighty call to “Bucky Done Gun”(G) to raise arms and consciousness around the world to battle Crumb. Its is “T.I.A.”(J) that teaches Jean P. Snail of the plight of the world and that his mission and commitment “Can't Break”(J). “Because”(G), if it does. Lost, will be his world to chaos and destruction. With this weight on his shell he is left with the “Examination Of What”(G&J)...

The End Has Begun: Act Four

Tattered and torn from battle Guriel and Jean P. Snail have “True Dreams Of Wichita”(G&J). It is in Guriel final death songs she sings of her final lessons to Jean P. Snail and the importance of “Passive Manipulation”(G). This achieved, the all things of Earth will join in “The Pageant Of The Bizarre”(G) a comic dance (one could say). Guriel consciousness has slipped away from Jean P. Snail and he is left with only a faint glimmer and the hope and fabled knowledge that the “Sun Will Shine (Warmth Of The Sunship Version)”(J) again...

The Final Charge For Jean P. Snail: Final Act

 Jean P. Snail winds his way back home it is here he realizes his final charge from Guriel is to teach the “Bees & Butterflies”(J) how to fly (a lesson for us all). As he rest by the Willow trees he gives a fin-”De glace”(J) (a frozen tear) to the cosmos as he rest his eyes for the final time and sings to the dew that settles on him like a strange familiar rain “This Is My Story, This Is My Song”(J)....

This mixtale is dedicated and inspired by my three ladies Lisa (my wife), Muriel , and Gretta (daughters)