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thoughts of you consume


"Who would've thought ? The Princess and the Rover, bound by a tragic fate."

A princess rover fanmix, and I haven't photoshop to make a decent cover so that'll be it for now.
What can I say ? I'm femslash trash and I love these two so much.
I hope they'll find a way to bring Amberle back cuz I love that girl so much.
Anyway, this show is great and if you didn't watch it yet then go watch it now!

Tracklist: http://drogont.tumblr.com/post/144570670688/thoughts-of-you-consume-a-princess-rover-fanmix
Hurts, Ruelle, Troye Sivan, and other artists, give a look at the tracklist to know more or just listen to the mix

10 tracks
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