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stay strong - part II


songs to help you when live is rough. i love you. stay alive.

// starts off slow and ends with some loud bangers to sing at the top of your lungs //

part I:

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so i decided to make a list of the most important lyrics in these songs for me, the lyrics that made me add these to this part ii of stay strong. maybe this will convince you to give it a listen...

gold steps - ''you might be down and out but you're still breathing'', ''someday you will stand above your demons, you're not beneath this'', ''life's not out to get you, despite the things you've been through'' and ''sometimes things will bend you, but trust me you'll be fine''

never lose your flames - ''i hope you make peace with your pain, and never lose your flames'' and ''i know the world is dark, but you've got the light''