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Songs I like the most of Naruto :v

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These ones are one of the songs I love, some are missing but anyway ;3;

  • Guren by DOES
  • Sing by FLOW
  • Blue bird by Blue Bird
  • Niwaka Ame Ni Mo Makezu by Naruto Shippuden Opening 13
  • Naruto shippuden opening 12 Moshimo by Nąrutò Ʉzumaki
  • Totsugeki Rokku by Irvan Prayoga
  • Hero's Come Back!! by nobodyknows+
  • Naruto theme song season 3 (kanashimi wo yasashimi ni) by m.3llam
  • No Boy No Cry by Naruto OP
  • Naruto Opening 05 Theme *Full Version* by Nejmeddine Khechine
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