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a shklance mix for you filthy sinners + little drabble things in the annotations

tracks 1+8: shklance
tracks 2+5: sheith
tracks 3+6: shance
tracks 4+7: klance

art credit: (nsfw)

8 tracks
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Unless these are your own original works? In which case color me impressed! But if not then I still enjoy your selection of tracks, they made for some vivid imagery. ;D

@Phan_panda49 oh i wrote them myself to fit the song, they arent part of any fic. however i do have an ao3 account @ chikayouriko if you wanna read some spice

This playlist is positively sinful, I adore it! (*w*) You wouldn't happen to have the name/links to those FF entries you added to some of the songs would you? B/c I would love to read them fully while listening to this just to get the whole experience~ I would be very grateful if you did! ;)