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Shounen Pump!!


get energized with whatever arduous task you have to do just by taking a small listen! (disclaimer: some songs are actually not from shounen series oops)

yeah be prepared for lots of drums n electric guitars.

maybe i'll make a part 2 in the future

14 tracks
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OHHHHHHHHHH man I love this playlist so much. At first I didn't know any song, but I still dug each one of them. Then I heard some Naruto ( I think ) tracks that I actually recognized from when my siblings watched it long ago, and I was like hm...this playlist isn't that bad. Then I heard OHSHC's fantastic ending AND SOUL EATER OOOOOOdoojdowfjowfj (as my first anime, I have many fond memories of it, especially that ending). I think my inner fangirl exploded with happiness. After that, all the Flow, the Listen to the Stereo and that last song were on point as well! I really enjoy the art piece as well, although I wish you included a source. Anyways, thank you for creating a magnificent playlist! :D

@musicuptheluna I'm actually so very happy that you paid attention to the order of the songs as I actually put in a bit of effort in trying to see what songs would flow better into what HAHA i'm not a pro at this but i tried! Yeah, I have a lot of 2007-2009 anime OST sitting on my computer. i'm planning to make a nostalgia mix some time in the future. Haha oh and sorry for not sourcing the art, i drew it so i figured that i didn't need to do that? haha. thanks again so much for the comment and the listen. it's much appreciated :)

@chumblee You drew the art? That's like, um, super awesome?!?? But thanks for the link! I really like your tumblr (you have great taste in music!) by the way! And you should totally do that nostalgia mix! I'm sure older and long-lasting anime watchers will enjoy that. Thanks for replying and keep doing what you're doing! :3