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As Cold Iron to the Fae


Thirteen tracks to tempt or turn the fair folk.

“I will use my own needles, thank you very much. Good honest bone. None of your nasty jagged iron things, stabbing you like little slivers of hate.” He shivered. “Stream and stone, it’s frightening how primitive you people are.” ~ Bast, The Name of the Wind

13 tracks
2 comments on As Cold Iron to the Fae

Fantastical. The Name of the Wind, Wicked Lovely, Tithe, Lament, The Iron Fey, Darkfever..all these fairyish books coming to mind and new ideas springing into my imagination as well. 'Wild Eyes' by Mariee Sioux is particularly magic. And that whole album by Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer is wonderful, one of my 2013 highlights. Beautifully thoughtful job!