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I don't love you but I always will.


to the heartbroken and depressed, i feel your pain. it's not fair to feel like this. when the one we love is gone and we're left behind in ruins. We heal once we go THROUGH it. so fuck everyone, stay in bed, and just cry it out.

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thank you so much for those words of kindness and encouragment. your very sweet and that last part you said really hit home. so thank you again for taking time out of your day to write me back. maybe this world isnt as cold as i see it..

</3..... i take it you went through heartache or are going through it? i still am, have been for yrs... everyday all i can think about is her. i go out, date, but im never able to love like i did. my walls just dont seem to let down...

Your chance at love is not gone forever. Your walls will come down when you meet someone who tops everyone. You may not think it just yet, but it'll happen. I'm really sorry and wish you all the luck the world can give. God had someone in store for you, don't worry. <3