I love to make mixes. I've been persuing this particular hobbie since I was a teen. The 8tracks idea has its drawbacks, but it does get your ideas out there. The format relies on two types of people, producers and consumers, and anyone who is a combination of those. I'm almost a 100% producer and my "specialty" is music of the latter half of the 20th century. You'll find that encompasses a wide variety of styles, genres, and moods. I'll have much to share over the course of time. The overwhelming majority of my mixes will clock in between 75 and 80 minutes. This is the length that will fill up a CD and also was a good length for a double album vinyl set. I could dump a hundred or so files or so on you at once but there is no creativity in that. Practically everything I share are files made from CDs I own. I have relatively few purchased MP3s and even less pirated stuff (these days at least). By the way the url to my page will take you to a friends of 8tracks page I started for people to share and find mixes. Peace.

Here's a link to my collections. I've categorized my various mixes by genere or theme.


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