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Study for days


Almost 8 HOURS of LYRIC-FREE (or almost lyric-free) tunes, without an overdose of movie soundtracks, electronic/house or classical music.

The tracks are "fun" and upbeat so you can stay motivated and not fall asleep, but they aren't too intense so you can be optimally focused and productive.

14/04/2015 - Hey friends if you like this feel free to check out the sequel, Good luck on exams!

99 tracks
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Perfect thanks! it's so hard to find study playlists that are instrumental and upbeat at the same time :) plus it's a really long one, perfect to get shit done without distractions!

Literally what I've been looking for during my whole life as a student (still a student). Music that will not make me fall asleep or sing along to. PERFECT. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Please add to this whenever you can! I appreciate this SO much!!! :D:D:D