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The bruised Goomba: Isaac and Eirwen


Eirwen was a normal girl. If you call being abused by her dad normal. But one day a her mom sneaks her out to a meet and greet with venturiantale, knowing how much Eirwen likes their videos. Knowing that when they get home they'll most likely be killed for sneaking out Eirwen's mom tells her not to come back. Well what if Isaac found her after she ran away?

  • Concrete Angel by Michon
  • Still Into You by Paramore
  • Best Friends Brother~ Nightcore. by AllTimeNighcoreAnimeEtc
  • Madilyn Bailey ( One Direction ) by What Makes You Beautiful
  • This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plan
  • Imagine Dragons ( Official ) by Monster
  • Young Blood by Bea Miller
  • Bea Miller (acoustic cover) by Fire N Gold
8 tracks