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gonna drown myself in glory


a southern gothic-inspired mix tailor-made for the preacher, giving his sermons of hellfire and brimstone, damnation and salvation, even though he knows there’s certainly none of that salvation for himself. his sins run wide, and his sins run deep, and one day soon, they’ll rise up like the people of egypt and strike him down.

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12 tracks
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@cybersiborg ahH omg thats sort of what ive got rn?? the reason i commented that thing abt character inspiration was bc im writing smthn w a character i made up a while ago but im working on the actual story now and this really helped to set a kind of tone with him

@gelles oooho?? that sounds right up my alley tbh if you ever post it anywhere publicly i'd love to read it! and i'm glad i could help set the tone!