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9 chillllll songs that add to your sesh(:


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9 tracks
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ahh so glad you put this back up! i was in the middle of listening when you unpublished it yesterday ):

thanks for all your nice comments on my mixes by the way! keep up the good work.

i'm sorry! i felt as if it wasn't ready to be published yet :c aw, you're absolutely welcome. your mixes on the other hand are perfect, ugh. thank you, keep up the amazing mixes, xoxo <3

Lovely, you are perfect. This playlist will soon be turn gold, watch. Seriously, totally grateful we've became friends. You're some rad chill chick ;) Oh! By the way, I think I have something in mind, an idea for your anniversary present.

LOLA I LOVE YOU OK? i'm so happy you emailed me, ugh. you & all the other sweet and loving people who took the time to email me, ily all. anyway, email me back! i'm thinking of being creative and painting him something. plus, i have something else waiting for him, if you know what i mean(; LOL. so yeah, hit me up because i want ideas quick. he told me he was going to get me a really expensive gift so god knows what. we're go to that hotel i told you about, so idk what other thing he has in mind. AH, OK JUST HIT ME UP I NEED TO STOP TALKING.