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last train home

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Just finished your fic and I absolutely love the tracks you chose for this playlist. Thanks again - 'a big fan of yours (gosh, i hope youre still active here haha)

@mkmhs omg.. i can't believe i'm only now getting a notif for this! thank you tho ;u; i'm so happy you like this playlist (and the fic /u\ it's such an old one!) but yes, i'm definitely still active bb ♡

@d3bonair I can die happily now. But no, seriously. Im only discovering the best vixx fanfictions out there and once in a while stumble upon one of yours and I cant tell you how amazing they are. Please never stop creating those masterpieces. I know as an author you dont think your work would have any impact on someone's life but believe me. Yours did. (maybe the wrong platform to praise you as an author, but oh well. nevermind.) ♥