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Miami: 3095


The neon city glows. The heat from the slow sizzle of the day still lingers as the sunsets in pink orange and teal.

This is Miami 3095.

10/11/15: Updated playlist with new tracks

3095 can be a dangerous place....You might need to OUTRUN the bad guys and save the world.


11 tracks
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@cloudyheads Thanks a lot man I take time to try to come up with a theme and its always nice to get feedback. Share, Follow, and enjoy! I'll give your mixes a nice listen later today.

I just listened to half of this but GREAT so far! Definitely fell in love with a couple tracks. And the cover? Isn't it from TRON? Damn I love that movie and this playlist captures the feeling perfectly. And your description to the playlist is so dreamy, way better than the usual "just a playlist I made teehee" ones. Well done!

@FewlMewn Thank you for the wonderful comment. The cover is from TRON which I also love. Happy you enjoyed my mix check out my others too.