Updated as of 6/10/18.

THANK you to everyone who has ever chosen to listen, like, favorite, or share any of my mixes. My name is Alex. I have been on the 8tracks platform now since March of 2012. Since 8tracks has changed how much content users can listen to I have decided to cut ties with the platform. I have switched to Spotify for the majority of my playlist curation. I encourage everyone to check out my page (https://open.spotify.com/user/1210537039). I release a new playlist bimonthly on Thursday mornings on. Thank you to EVERYONE who has ever listened to a mix!

Disclaimer: All mixes contain explicit content (unless Christian based).

Pictures in mixes: I do not own the rights to ANY of the photos in the mixes, they are the rightful property of the photographer/company.

Picture: Myself and No Malice (1/2 of The Clipse) photo taken in Virginia Beach, VA.