DJ Prof grew up just outside of Philadelphia in a family with a strong appreciation for music. His first hand at DJ’ing began by recording his favorite tracks from his parents’ record collection for himself, family, and friends. This quickly turned into requests for party mixes, making Prof the "go to" guy for music among his friends and family.

Over the years, Prof found himself mastering the art of the mix-tape, dedicating himself to developing a good ear for music, and learning to blend many different styles - including hip hop, latin jazz, r&b, electronica, trip-hop, funk, folk, and indie rock.

From time to time DJ Prof lays down fresh tracks on on a show called the Lecture. He is also for hire for weddings, private parties, and professional events.

In addition to his musical talents, Adam has also earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and teaches undergraduate Psychology courses.

To be clear...these are not "mixed", they are just playlists!