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Midnight Moments: Arabian Nights ~ Mini


As you may have noticed from my Mixes, I appreciate good music regardless of Genre. And this particular Mix is one I've been meaning to get out for some time, but it just never felt right until now. So Enjoy these Eight Tracks of My Arabian Nights! With music from, Murat Sakaryali, Rachid Taha, Guy Manoukian and a few Others.

8 tracks
4 comments on Midnight Moments: Arabian Nights ~ Mini

Was lucky to activate the Gold label then. Excellent mood from a place far away from my regular listening. Happy Easter to Queens. Enjoy your mixes often, mostly the Smooth then.

Excellent fusion in these tracks.
Based in currently, but not native to Saudi Arabia - I can say this is not what everyday Arabic music sounds like. But this music does bring up the "mystique land" stereotype I associated with the MIddle East through my years growing up :)

Thank you, having never been there myself, but nonetheless I do love the music and so I made an attempt all the while sticking with mostly Arabic Artist...Thanks again! :-)

Incredible.. "Sen gelmez oldun" is also a Turkish song(but origin is not Turkey as far as i know). I've never heard this version before . Very very good. Thank you again for another great mix:)