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So, What's On The Bose Today, V.


Man, it seems like Friday took Forever to get here...Well anyway here's my 8track version of "So, What's On The Bose..., some new and not so new from: Common, Joe and Let me tell you, if you don't have it, go and get it Mike Studd - "Closer" you'll enjoy the entire CD. Have a Great Weekend and Enjoy!

16 tracks
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I got the songs I wanted on the 3 playlists I made and one playlist is from soundcloud and the 2 other ones are randoms upload and from soundcloud and I did everything that it told me to do with the tags and title of mix and cover art and it's just not letting me publish them am I doing something wrong :(

@krissiedk I've been trying to respond for a min, but one of those bugs I mentioned wouldn't accept my response, check me out in the Forums I started a topic "Need help in creating a Mix"