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Losing Your Memory

3 comments on Losing Your Memory

This is such an excellent blend of music. It transitions from melancholy to happy to almost bittersweet and it's lovely. You've got Maroon 5, Work Song, Wait for You, and it's just flawless! I've also been looking for the title to the Matt Kerney song for FOREVER. Thank you for guiding me to it.

@girlbet Thanks Amber and you're welcome. I rewatched season one of TVD recently so I searched for the song myself. It's such a good song. The flow to sad to happy music is her finally starting to move on and experience love (wink, wink)

@DanaMay1 I've been rewatching TVD too with my mom and I'm on Season 4! You did so great with the transitions-I really felt everything through the music.

@girlbet This song is so freaking amazing! Like I got even begin to explain how I feel when I hear it (all I image is Scott Eastwood XD)