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Think about the consequences of monetizing the things which make you happy. When I want to alleviate the strain of everyday routine, I really do sewing and knitting. Your favorite activity can be abandoned without inspiration and become a disgusting mechanical procedure, when deadlines will be constantly burning and ideas about rest will be taken to the root in a desire to make some money in case such an influx of function will not be, say the following month.
However, should you decide not to turn your favourite hobby into a job rather than to become a professional, you have the freedom to fully enjoy the process of creation, whatever the amount and quality of the outcome (which, by the way, does not keep you from receiving sometimes a financial reward for the work if somebody is interested in it).
Of course, all this sounds strange when it comes from someone who's a successful writer - someone who's found a way to turn his passion into a career. But for others there is still an opportunity to be successful in a profession that brings pride and a sense of professionalism and demand, and also to do what we love to do in our spare time, no matter what bonuses this hobby can bring, if it were a full time occupation, and we shouldn't doubt this just because the blessed concept of full devotion to the cause of life is no more than a fat"duck" fed by social networking.
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