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Intrigue: verb;
1 [ with obj ] arouse the curiosity or interest of; fascinate; be of interest to, pique someone’s curiosity, pique someone’s interest, attract.

At long last, this is posted. Here's a ghiralink playlist for all your ghiralink needs, however you like to take it. To me, this follows my post-SS headcanon/fic of Link taking up Ghirahim's sword and becoming his master. Tried to order the songs in a way that takes you along the rapidly-changing landscape of their emotions toward each other.

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@Pastelcoco oh jeez my heart cut off the middle of the message somehow dfjhgksdf. I actually said: thank you so much!!! when I get in a ghiralink mood I put these songs on repeat, it just really takes me into the feeling of it. happy to see more people appreciating ghiralink :))) I'm glad you enjoyed it!!