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What kind of girl are you?


All of these songs are sung by GUY groups/solo, to their _____ GIRL.

Inspired by a random conversation I had recently with @lalalereuh. ;)
tracklist: http://the-spring-playlist.blogspot.ca/2013/02/girl.html

(Guys, you can totally listen to this too.)

PS: Know any '___ Girl' (or '___ 걸') songs not in this playlist and that should be? Please let me know! ^^

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20 tracks
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ok imma go cheat and look through my files....
My only girl - SUJU 4th album
완전한 여인 (Wonderful Girl) - Boyfriend 1st mini-album
Ma girl - Big Bang (Taeyang solo) Vol.1
You are my girl - B1A4 ignition
Be my girl - B1A4 (Jinyoung solo) In the wind
Baby girl - Big star (Big start album)
Only girl - Wooyoung (solo album)
Sunshine girl - Ft.island Return EP
Oh ma girl - Se7en 4th album
Stop girl - Ukiss (BUHAHAHAHAHA)

I'm sure there are more....

Stop girl was the first song I thought of but then I realized...doesn't fit the concept of "what kind of girl are you" HAHAHAHA but STOP GIRL IN THE NAME OF LOOOOOVE <3