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Temperate Deciduous Enchanted Forest


With each song, find some iteration of yourself in one of the three with varying degrees of reality. Perhaps, something just beyond it.

1) A haunted forest, grey clouds, bare tree limbs and hidden, dark, abandoned places. 2) a forest in autumn, at 6pm, when the light gets that way and the colors pop. The fresh crunch of leaves and the bite in the crisp dusk air. 3) a lush, forgotten forest, ruins covered by ivy and streams of sunlight lance through the canopy.

18 tracks
4 comments on Temperate Deciduous Enchanted Forest

Excellent job at evoking feeling and suggesting imagery with music. This mix popped up after a rather hard/fast mix I was listening to... and I will admit that despite working overtime in a long stressful day, you have me breathing deeply. Nice.

I appreciate the positive feed back! I used to listen to this at work during the thick of the summer heat, always managed to keep me going. Glad it had a similar effect for you!