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another cog in the murder machine.


so you know how i'm fond of saying "there are not enough murder songs for this day"? well, now you have an actual list.

31 tracks
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tracklist: saint agnes, a beautiful day for murder; eels, fresh blood; talking heads, psycho killer; the misfits, die die my darling; the hoosiers, killer; neko case, dirty knife; the decemberists, shankhill butchers; aurora, murder song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1); low, murderer; tom waits, knife chase; kid cudi, the ruler and the killer; a perfect circle, counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums; the misfits, skulls; the golden palominos, ambitions are; my chemical romance, teenagers; the future kings of nowhere, 10 simple murders; the faint, posed to death; pj harvey, the words that maketh murder; echo & the bunnymen, the killing moon; the killers, jenny was a friend of mine; nick cave & the bad seeds, john finn's wife; cursive, bloody murderer; soap&skin, deathmental; the paper chase, the house is alive and the house is hungry; tom waits, dead and lovely; pj harvey, highway 61 revisited; concrete blonde, the beast; the cure, killing an arab; nick cave & the bad seeds, the curse of millhaven; the paper chase, we know where you sleep; my chemical romance, i never told you what i do for a living.