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no pants party

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This is the stuff that *I* love to dance to.

So grab a cocktail, smoke a J, and get ready to dance around your living room in your underwear.

  • Sugar by Moon Boots
  • When We Were Young (Breakbot remix) by Sneaky Sound System
  • Time Keeps on Slipping by [VIR0011] Neighbour
  • Work It (Wise D & Kobe Remix) by Funky Truckerz
  • Cocaine Blues (HOFF REMIX ft PASE ROCK) by Escort
  • Horses (Zimmer Remix) by Montevideo 
  • Happiness (The Magician remix) by Sam Sparro
  • Anyway (DJ Dan & J Paul Getto Remix) by Duck Sauce
  • 212 North 12th St. (WhiteNoize remix) by Salsoul Orchestra
  • Disco Dancing by DJ Dan
  • Party Ppl (Original Mix) [Out 03/11/2013] by Richard Grey
11 tracks