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Characters from the Silmarillion: Ecthelion was the Lord of the House of the Fountain and one of the strongest of the Eldar in the First Age. Single-handedly slaying three Balrogs in the Battle of Gondolin, one of which was Gothmog, the Lord of Balrogs. His name is the war cry of the Eldar for his valiant final stand (and his prowess).

This fanmix is for Ecthelion, the fairest of the Noldor with talent in both song and battle.

13 tracks
4 comments on Lord of the Fountain

I just love it, awesome !

An AU where Ecthelion just beat the creap out of every balrog, and Glorfindel too, and they just roam the streets chasing orcs and everything with MichaelBaysplosions and everything..... Oh god/

Amazing mix, thumbs up! ... do you plan doing one for Glorfindel of the house of golden flower some day? (I'm a big fan of Tolkien and Fall of Gondolin is one of my favourite tales, so..)