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We lost the magic


Another sad pop punk playlist by a sad pop punk girl. These are songs for crying to instead of sleeping, songs for being weak, songs for slowly breaking down and watching pieces of yourself disappear. Music for loneliness, desperation, heartbreak, brokenness, and everything in between.

1. Admit that life is too much for you to handle
2. Listen to the music
3. Break down and cry
4. Take a deep breath
5. Piece yourself back together

sws, ptv, atl, adtr, brand new, linkin park, and coldplay

  • Jesus Christ (Rainy) by Brand New
  • Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade
  • End Of Me Common Courtesy Stream by GOATballz
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  • linkin park by Linkin Park
  • SleepingWithSirens by sleepingwithsirens
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  • Hold On Till May ~ Pierce The Veil by curiouskitty
  • You Me At Six by bite my tongue
  • Therapy by basicallylarry
8 tracks