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Boy (and Girl) Band Mix for Jeremy

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I'd love to share some more Fine Cheeses(TM) with you now that the Cheez Whiz is out of the way, providing you do the same! You can search for tunes and upload tunes from your hard drive if you can't find them in the 8Tracks database.

Jeremy: check our New Edition. They came before Boyz 2 Men, New Kids on the Block, N Sync, Backstreet Boys, etc., and were sort of a template for those later bands. Same management team as NKOTB...and from Boston, too.

I threw in the Spice Girls tune because it wasn't one of their big hits, because it's the only SG tune I can stand, and because I figured something from the gals would be cool.

8Tracks is great...legal song sharing with no possibility of download. It's totally fun to make mixes for people.

I hope you will be suitable overwhelmed by the sheer cheese factor here. Most of these are not Fine Cheeses(TM); they're Cheez Whiz. But still, a fun snack.