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100 Tracks - Video Games 2


Just another video game playlist. Includes remixes and covers. Usually calm and relaxing but some upbeat to mix things up. Check out my other video game playlist: http://8tracks.com/elluem/100-tracks-video-games-3

Finished, may still swap tracks around.

UPDATE: It seems my playlists have a lot of tracks removed. So, I will redo my 100 track series of video game music. I have been busy lately, but will plan to continue on mid-December. Until then, see you.

100 tracks
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Someone said that video game tunes could be good for focusing, given they are designed to be both repetitive AND help you concentrate on the game. I must say I'm happily surprised, because even the long tunes (30 min Mario World 3D, and 2 hours of Lineage Village Hunter Theme) don't get annoying. This is not the case, for example, of movie songs extended tunes that you can find on other instrumental/study playlists (thinking of "When Ginny kisses Harry" for exemple). Congrats to elluem for a great playlist !

I love it!! All of these songs are just so beautiful and epic!!! This is amazing! ^_^ You have gained a new follower my friend!