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he's fast, she's weird

  • Heroes - Musicfire.in by David Bowie/Musicfire.in
    We're nothing, and nothing will help us -- Maybe we're lying, -- then you better not stay -- But we could be safer, -- just for one day
  • 4 Minutes (Feat Justin Timberlake and Timbaland) by Madonna
    Now don't waste time, give me desire, tell me how you wanna roll -- I want somebody to speed it up for me then take it down slow -- There's enough room for both
  • New Genious (Brother) by Gorillaz
    brother, sister too -- do what you must do -- don't trust people you meet -- they might promise you -- that the river ain't deep
  • red jumpsuit apparatus ass shaker by Ellie The-monster Digilov
    Shout and scream my friends, connect with me and we'll pretend -- this night will never end this night will never end -- Just let go you'll see together we'll do anything
  • Immortals [From Big Hero 6] by FallOutBoy
    I'm still comparing your past to my future. -- It might be your wound but they're my sutures.
  • Crash the gates by Yellowcard
    And I won't sing a battle cry -- I will let the sleepless lie -- Sing, "Oh oh oh oh, whoa oh oh" -- Crash the gates, light a fire, and watch it burn
  • Fast Blood (Frightened Rabbit cover) by UltimateOutsider
    Good night -- And then I fall down -- I stumble and she said, she said, she said good night
  • The Killers - Goodnight, Travel Well by www.Big.az
    The unknown distance to the great beyond -- Stares back at my grieving frame -- To cast my shadow by the holy sun -- My spirit moans with a sacred pain -- And it's quiet now -- (The universe is standing still)
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