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i fell in love the way you fall asleep


starts with up beat alternative rock music and slowly progresses into calmer indie music so you're mind can calm down too. perfect during long drives into the night or right before you sleep. includes bastille, panic! at the disco, the 1975, etc. enjoy x

btw, all the songs are relatively positive (except maybe for asleep but it's the last song) so if you're feeling sorta down or maybe even be crying yourself to sleep, listen to the lyrics of each song and feel happier about yourself. stay positive. :)

(the cover was changed due to 8tracks' rules so the track list can no longer be viewed. which sucks but oh well)

3.20.14 - certified gold! woooo. srsly, tysm ily all. x

5.20.14 - holy motherfricker, platinum? i just, wow.

7 tracks
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