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Thank You. (TMNT 2012)


I'm very emotional about turtle babies and after this I'm going to go lie down in the road and wait for a bus to gently run me over
(p.s. I couldn't annotate the last track but it makes me imagine Splinter and the boys back in Japan living a peaceful life ; ___ ; ....DESTROY ME)

- artwork by owiyalight on deviantart

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Splinter's Song: Oh gosh the feels/ Leonardo's song: BRB CRYING/ Raph's song: yeessssssss/ my boyfr- er Donnie's song: welp back to crying this is perfect/ Mikey's song: OH GOD NOPE SOBBING BYE/ April's song: so pretty much accurate/ Irma's song: *breathes in deeply* booooiiiiii/ Casey's song: I'm dead holy shit his song is a jonas brothers' song and it FITS/ Karai's song: *flashbacks to emo phase in middle school* Oh god save me, but also I'm crying cause Karai always gives me emotions hardcore/ All the boys to Splinter: fuck i'm dead/ Tang Shen's song: I'm not crying, you are *sniff*/ Last Song: I IMAGINED IT AND I AM CRYING All in all this was a really great playlist!!

I followed you on both! And I suggest you do get back on there, Instagram is crazy but it's awesome for fandoms. You're welcome. And, also I really loved your mix and I was wondering if you could help me put together one for a Fanfic I'm writing. That's why I was wondering if you had any other social media platforms, that's all.

@aikomiyazaki Sorry I didn't see this! My instagram is punchycats, and I have another old one that's princeinmytea I neverrrr use them though :'D I should get back into it! Thank you very much ~